Cantina Ligios
8 March 2024

Wine festival in Valledoria – mid-July

The Wine Festival in Valledoria, which takes place in mid-July, is an event dedicated to celebrating wine. This festival highlights the rich winemaking tradition of the region and provides participants with an opportunity to taste a variety of local wines.

During this event, local wineries and wine producers showcase their finest vintages. Visitors have the chance to sample different types of wines, from red to white to rosé. It’s an excellent opportunity for wine enthusiasts to discover the unique flavors of the region and engage in conversations with producers to learn more about the winemaking process.

The Wine Festival in Valledoria typically offers wine tasting booths, presentations about grape cultivation and wine production, as well as fun wine-related activities. There may also be musical events, cultural performances, and food stalls to complement the wine tastings.

This event creates a friendly atmosphere where people come together to celebrate wine, gastronomy, and local culture. It’s an ideal opportunity to explore the wines of the Valledoria region and savor the pleasures of Mediterranean life during the summer season.