Eco-friendly holidays in our Hotel and Apartments

Embedded in a beautiful landscape, just a stone’s throw away from the sea and one of the largest beaches in Sardinia, you’ll find the Bike Hotel Tartaruga Bianca (Valledoria – La Ciaccia).
Ideal for nature lovers, cyclists, and hikers – all year round.

The captivating structure, in the heart of the North Coast of Sardinia in the town of La Ciaccia, takes its name from the discovery of the small and rare Marginata Albina land turtle (born in the wild) found strolling along the beach in front of the sea in La Ciaccia.

• Hotel La Tartaruga Bianca – Via Cristoforo Colombo 43/45
I-07039 Valledoria (La Ciaccia)
• +39 079 58 40 74
+39 347 36 33 460

Like a true kingdom of His Majesty the Environment, the Tartaruga Bianca Hotel is the embodiment of a philosophy of building and living in full respect of nature.

The hotel is surrounded by a splendid territory rich in protected natural areas such as the mouth of the Coghinas River and the imposing Monte Ussoni. There are multiple opportunities for visitors who want to enjoy wonderful walks on foot or by bike along the coast or into the hinterland.
The hotel has been designed and built with an optimal orientation of large verandas that allow guests to fully enjoy the beneficial properties of the sea breeze.

In the nearby protected area of Coghinas, you can also enjoy boat trips or canoeing in true oases inhabited only by numerous species of flora and fauna typical of the area.

The coastal location also allows for windsurfing, kitesurfing, and sailing in pristine and unique environments.

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For guests who choose an eco-friendly holiday, you can also take advantage of the sustainable library, composed of books and magazines reused by past guests of the property and made available at the end of their stay.

The hotel’s rooms offer the opportunity to have a truly sustainable holiday in harmony with the sun, water (provided in the right amount for guests and respectful of the environment), and the surrounding territory, seamlessly integrating with them.

Spending a sustainable holiday at Residence Solevacanze means:
• Asking the sun for the necessary energy
• Converting solar energy into electricity through a modern photovoltaic system;
• Separating waste to promote recycling of materials
• Enjoying a load control device (a small device that not only prevents overloads but also promotes rational energy use)
• Living in an environment with excellent building insulation (ventilated roof and highly insulated walls, triple-layer waterproofing walls)
• Enjoying fixtures with very low thermal transmittance
• Enjoying windows with low emissivity glass that perfectly insulate the indoor environment from excessively hot or cold external temperatures
• Minimizing exposure to magnetic fields thanks to the star-shaped design of the house’s electrical system.
• Living in a healthy environment thanks to lime-based plaster that promotes breathability and creates a mold and moisture-free environment
• Having access to Daikin air conditioners of the latest generation in double class A with an energy performance coefficient of 4.70; This is an air conditioning system equipped with:
(a) an inverter system, which ensures energy savings of 30%
(b) a night operation program to avoid annoying temperature fluctuations
(c) absolute silence of the internal and external unit (reduced sound pressure level to 22 dB(A)
(d) a motion sensor that detects the presence of people in the room and automatically directs the airflow to avoid direct impact on the end user;
(e) ECONO function that reduces electricity consumption while allowing simultaneous (f) photocatalytic filter with titanium apatite to ensure a constant flow of clean air
• Using a climate control system through adjustable shading systems based on guest needs
• Illuminating the house with energy-saving lamps
• Avoiding wastage of sanitary water with the Geberit dual flush system.

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