mercato serale la ciaccia
8 March 2024

Night market in La Ciaccia (July and August)

The night market in La Ciaccia during July and August is a delightful experience that you can enjoy if you visit this beautiful locality on the northern coast of Sardinia, Italy, during the summer season. Here is more information about this night market.
The night market in La Ciaccia typically takes place in the village center or near the beach. It usually starts in the late afternoon, around 9:00 PM (usually on Tuesday and Thursday), and continues late into the night, allowing you to shop and soak in the lively atmosphere after sunset.
At the night market, you’ll find a variety of stalls and vendors offering local products and crafts. You can expect to find clothing, jewelry, accessories, art, crafts, food products, and more. It’s an ideal place to search for unique souvenirs and gifts.
To enhance the experience, some night markets include live performances such as live music, folk dances, and street entertainment. This creates a festive and lively atmosphere for visitors.
The night market in La Ciaccia is known for its relaxed and friendly atmosphere. It’s a place where locals and tourists come together to socialize, explore the stalls, and enjoy the evening sea breeze.
Typically, these night markets occur weekly during the months of July and August, and there may be multiple dates throughout the summer season. Check the local calendar for exact dates and times during your visit.
The night market in La Ciaccia provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture, discover artisanal products, and enjoy the summer ambiance on the Sardinian coast. It’s a fantastic way to explore the region’s culture and cuisine while embracing the beauty of the Mediterranean night. If you plan to visit during these months, be sure to include a visit to the night market in your plans.


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