8 March 2024

Rock ‘n’ Beer Festival in Valledoria – early August

The Rock ‘n’ Beer Festival in Valledoria takes place in early August. This festival combines a passion for rock music with beer tasting, providing participants with an entertaining experience.

During these days, festival-goers can enjoy live music performances by rock bands. The festival features a variety of local and national bands, offering a range of rock styles from classic to contemporary. Concerts typically take place outdoors, creating a festive and relaxed atmosphere.

In addition to live music, the Rock ‘n’ Beer Festival offers a selection of craft and international beers to taste. Beer enthusiasts can explore different flavors and breweries while enjoying the upbeat rock music.

The event creates a celebratory atmosphere where people can unwind, socialize, and relish live music while discovering new beers. It’s an entertainment opportunity for both local residents and visitors looking to have a unique experience in Valledoria in early August.